Trash the Dress Ideas

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What’s Trash the Dress Ideas

The new era of wedding photographic services is called Trash the Dress. This expression literally means “destroy the dress” and it’s based on the concept that the bride dress isn’t only a
dress to wear for a day, but something to remember forever. Are you curious? Now we’re going to explain you what we’re talking about.

What does it need to?

Trash the Dress is a veritable wedding photographic service, like the Engagement photographic service and the wedding day photographic service.

Let’s get it clear:


It’s the photographic service usually executed before the marriage ceremony which immortalizes the future bride and bridegroom in informal clothes and in a simple location, retracing the fundamental places which have seen their love story growing.

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Wedding Photographic Service

It’s the classical service proposed by the wedding photographer: it’s focused on the wedding day, aiming to remember either the ritual moments of the day and the unofficial and most touching ones.

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Trash the Dress

Trash the Dress, as we have already disclosed you, is the photographic service executed after the wedding, where the couple wears again its formal dress, giving it a new life in a new context, different from the one where they have worn it for the first time.

How does Trash the Dress take place?

Trash the Dress is a photographic service usually executed the day after the wedding and it engages the newly married couple. The clothes to wear are the same of the previous day, the difference is in the choice of location, actions and pictures style.

As we were saying, we wear the wedding dress and we go to an unusual place: a beach, on a mountain, on a lake, at the zoo, or in every other place far from conventions, and we “destroy” the classical concept of the wedding dress.

During the photographic service the new couple expresses the joy of being wife and husband for the first time in breathtaking contexts, soiling with the sand, getting soaked with the water, hugging, freely expressing themselves and playing.

The only imperative is to be spontaneous and natural!

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