Hi, i'm Alice

In this website you'll find different arguments. We study your brand image but also we do personal portraits and more.


Photography is our passion!
We deal all around photography, but also video shooting and editing.

What do you do?
We works with all around photography, immortalizing sports, free time and playful, as well as capturing the unforgettable moments of your most beautiful stories. We also take care of your brand, we tell your target who you are and we build with you your brand identity. If you want to promote your brand or make your musical project a qualitative leap, what makes the difference are the details, and we are here to immortalize them.
Do you make videos?

Our experience has allowed us to expand our horizons, so we makes also shooting and video editing. I always like to create something original and unique. You can give me the freedom of create or if you already have an idea, we can talk about them together.

Where do you work?

We are based in Italy but we can also travel abroad, to catch every single aspect of your company or your project.
I like to create and work always on new and different aspects. Making something unique for you.

We're here for you

Contact us

_We can also program a Skype appointment: alice.franchiph

_I also take care of weddings, in this case I remind you to book forward. For information on photographic services and quotes Click here

Skype: alice.franchiph
mobile: 393 0366986